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Jen trains women of all ages and medical conditions, including women who are pregnant, new moms and grandmothers too. Jen has a diverse range of experience, including training as a paramedic and emergency EMT.  Jen works with people with many different fitness goals. From training while pregnant in order to insure a safe and healthy birthing experience, to losing a significant amount of weight, Jen believes that big goals are achieved through small, everyday changes.

Specializing in meeting the health and fitness needs of women in the Pioneer Valley, Jen Davis is a dedicated, nationally certified personal trainer and perinatal fitness instructor. Jen has been teaching a wide variety of exercise classes in  the Valley since before her first child was born in 2003. Among the classes Jen leads are "Bouncing Back with Baby," "Stroller Fitness," "Cardio Core" and Zumba™, and Mama & Baby Zumba™. Building upon her love of dance and music, Zumba™, the exciting and newest class Jen leads, has bolstered her reputation as an enthusiastic and inspiring instructor.
  • Create a work-out that works
  • Feel more energetic
  • Make the most of your time
  • Wear the clothes you want
  • Exercise anywhere, including your own home or office